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Thema: Germany 3 pf postal stationery postcard
sandydina Am: 21.04.2017 15:32:27 Gelesen: 4082# 1 @  
Sorry I can not write Germany.
Attached is a Germany 3pf postal stationery postcard, why the “drucksache” has cancelled and changed to “postkarte”? Was it in order to reduce the postage? When was the 3pf in force?

Max78 Am: 21.04.2017 18:18:30 Gelesen: 4045# 2 @  
Dear Sandydina,

good question and I hope that I can help you with some information:

as you can see the sender and recipient is the same. I think its a privat card for a response. Because the customer or client had to write his wishes or order backside on the card (in the case he would use these card), its no printed matter anymore, but rather a postcard, which the customer had to send back to the company. When he lived in Hannover, too, he didn't have to pay for sending back these card, because the local rate was 2 Pfennige for a postcard (local rate only between 1900-1902 (for this issue)). When he lived in another town he had to upgrade the card to 5 Pfennige for the return.

Anyway, I think its more a temporary makeshift and its definitely no official postal stationery. Maybe the card once before was used as a usual printed matter to promote the company, parted in two pieces (linked together), which was send to potential customers for the regular postage of 3 Pf. for a printed matter (first part with no cancellation of the word "Drucksache").

best regards, Max

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sandydina Am: 23.04.2017 15:29:23 Gelesen: 3967# 3 @  
Dear Max,

Thank you for your information, it is very helpful for me.

Another question:
You said the local rate between 1900-1902 is 2 pf for a postcard, but attached is from a page of Michel Germany postage rates book, it shows that the 2 pf for the local rate for a postcard is from 04/01/1900 to 06/30/1906, it is different with yours.

Max78 Am: 23.04.2017 15:52:50 Gelesen: 3953# 4 @  
@ sandydina [#3]

Hello Sandydina,

what you show is absolutely right, but I spoke about this special series of postage stamps or postal stationeries. In Germany we call it KRONE/ADLER (crown/eagle). The stamps were valid till 31 Dec 1902, same with postal stationeries in all their various editions.

It was time for Miss GERMANIA ;-)

best Max
Max78 Am: 26.04.2017 22:28:26 Gelesen: 3887# 5 @  
Hello again Sandydina,

during search for some postal stationeries for my collection, I saw a similar postcard as you showed in your first thread. Now I saw the backside of the card (without cancellation of the word "Drucksache"), but, at first view, cancelled by the post office Hannover 8. You can find the card under the following link (ebay):

here the front/back:

on closer examination regarding the cancellation I'm inclined to the view that these cards are more a "philatelically gimmick". All cancellations of the postmark Hannover 8 are from the same date (22.5.1900) and they're all placed on printed matters. I could not find other days of cancellations on the "postmark databases", which I use for my researches.

best regards Max
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