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Thema: A rare Post-Restante "Thimble" type postmark without date !
March Am: 08.11.2013 13:57:07 Gelesen: 3123# 1 @  
Post-Restante ( Postlagernd) Office "BUTOESTI" did carry on its activity inside the Railway Station with same name situated on no. 100 Railway : Craiova-Turnu Severin - Varciorova.

The Butoesti Railway Station started its activity on 5 January 1875 and the post office was opened on 13 April 1875 , the Station's Chief being in charge with postal operations. The Post Office "BUTOESTI" used a Post-Restante "Thimble" ( Fingerhutpost-Stempel) type postmark, with 18 mm diameter.
In my collection there is a postmark of this type but without date as shown attached. It has a black-greenish colour and cancels a 15B stamp ( Michel nr.94 ) which was glued to a cover sent to Sinaia .
The departure date 29 May 1892 ( that is 9 June 1892 as per new calendar) can be found on the sender's letter content ( see attached ). The correspondence arrived at Sinaia on 15 June as shown by the double-circle postmark applied on arrival by Sinaia Post Office .

According to well-known Romanian Postal History researcher Kiriac Dragomir ( "Stampilografie Postala, Tg.Mures, 1990, pages 197-199) a Post-Restante "Thimble" type postmark without date is very rare !

March Am: 08.11.2013 13:58:46 Gelesen: 3122# 2 @  
"BUTOESTI" letter - with arrival postmark of Sinaia Post Office

Heinz 7 Am: 25.01.2014 17:40:04 Gelesen: 3006# 3 @  
@ March [#1]

A really rare cancellation, fig. 1171 Dragomir (page 200), but without date. I would not have searched this cancellation amongst the cancellations in chapter 8 = "POSTA FEROVIARA", as it has no inscription "GARA".

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