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Thema: Inflations Prüfzeichen (englisch)
wgt63 Am: 19.10.2013 23:20:32 Gelesen: 2448# 1 @  
Hello all, really enjoyed reading through this site and have some questions!! Below are some scans of marks I have on some of my covers and would like to know if anyone can help identify them.

This is M.Jantzan on the back side of cover

This mark I have been told belongs to a Dr. Syndikus Ernst Wolff, that is all I have on this though

Some kind of signet, not an INFLA-Berlin one though

Another signet that isn't from INFLA-Berlin.

If anyone can help identify these, I would certainly appreciate it!!

Thanks again,
chuck193 Am: 28.02.2018 16:10:11 Gelesen: 974# 2 @  
@ wgt63 [#1]

Hi William,

I would think that your best bet is to question INFLA Berlin, they must know about those things. Sorry that I can't give you any further info.

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